Po’ Boy Quarter


I came across Gumbo Kitchen Food Truck at the Trailer Park event at Village Melbourne back in August.  Unfortunately during the time that I went, there was so many options to choose from that I missed out on trying Po’Boy from Gumbo Kitchen.  However,fortunately for me, the guys behind Gumbo Kitchen Food Truck have opened a permanent shop at Fitzroy.  It has been opened for a couple of months already but I haven’t had a chance to try it out until last weekend.

Mr Syu and I  was after a quick and easy lunch on Saturday so we can finish all our errands and make it in time to watch the AFL Grand Final. If you are not from Australia you probably won’t know what I’m talking about, but the Grand Final is such a big event in Australia in particularly Victoria, that they are talking about having a public holiday for the event.  I really hope it happens, how awesome would it be to have a long weekend every year for the finals weekend!  So, I suggested Po’Boy Quarter for lunch.


We ordered the 1/2 Dozen Deep Fried Oyster Po’Boy & the Pulled Pork Po’Boy + their homemade lemonade.  Lets talk about the Oyster Po’Boy first,  the oyster was so fresh we actually saw them shucking them. If you are not a raw oyster eater, this may not be your best choice. Even though it is deep fried, the oyster is hardly cooked which is heaven for oysters lovers.  It was served with coleslaw & their special Louisiana hot sauce. We really enjoyed their coleslaw because there were pieces of green apple in it which gave it the extra crunch and tang. Mr Syu pretty much smashed the Po’Boy in less than 5 mins and was very reluctant to hand the Po’Boy over when I asked for a bite (or two, maybe three bites).


I chose the Pulled Pork Po’Boy, mainly because the last time I missed out at the Trailer Park and everyone who ate it was raving about how good it tasted. It was served with coleslaw, pickle & homemade BBQ sauce.  This was also quite nice, but I’m not a BBQ sauce person and the taste of BBQ sauce was very overpowering.  The pork was tasty and tender.  However overall it was a bit intense, the slaw was tangy, the BBQ sauce was tangy, and the huge pickle was salty.  I believe people who likes these flavours will enjoy this, but I preferred the Oyster Po’Boy no doubt.


The staff was really friendly too, greeted us with a smile and came over to ask how everything was whilst we were stuffing the Po’Boy in our mouth. I did feel a little embarrassed, because when he came over, I was in the middle of a bite with sauce oozing out the side of my mouth and all I could do was nod.  I guess he didn’t need me to say anything, my actions gave him the answer.

I will definitely return to have my own oyster Po’Boy and would also like to try the other types of Po’Boy on the menu.  I know I’m going to have trouble choosing between the deep fried shrimp and the deep fried oysters.  I always have the dilemma of wanting to order the items I enjoyed in the past and trying out a new flavour on the menu.  Hopefully I can convince Mr Syu to order the deep fried shrimp (he does have a prawn allergy occasionally – I guess a girl will  go to full extent to get what she wants! 😛 LOL )

Po’Boy Quarter – 295 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065


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