Food makes me happy and it is really as simple as that. Some people needs retail therapy, but I generally prefer food therapy.  I am not a food critic, half the time I don’t even know the correct term to describe the taste, or name the techniques the chef used to make that mind blowing dish. I will not pretend to be a food expert and this is not what my blog is about.  I simply want to share my source for happiness and experiences with you.

I also believe people taste your love through the food you cook as long as you put your heart in it. It may not be restaurant quality or picture perfect, but you know you have achieved your goal when the person tasting your end product is happy and appreciative. Personally, I’m not the best cook but have improved over the last couple of years. I do enjoy cooking and will be sharing cooking recipes (original family recipes, adapted recipes, or even recipes from the supermarket promo cards) for anyone who are interested and in particularly young working professionals like myself. We don’t have the time for elaborate and sophisticated recipes for everyday of the week especially after a long day of work.  Those difficult and time-consuming dishes are for the rare occasional weekend cooking session.   We still want to eat healthy and have home-cooked meals but there are times those ready-made pasta sauces looks very tempting! Sometime it’s difficult to gauge whether a recipe will work from just reading it, so at least you know the recipes I post here have worked out for me and may save you some valuable time. It’s unfortunate but time is everything these days.

Hope you enjoy & Food Bless Me!

P.S – I love a chat and talk about food & restaurants, if you wish to contact me, please fill in the below and I will response to you as soon as I can.


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