Creamy Chicken & Roasted Pumpkin Pasta


This dish is best for days like today where the weather is miserable; wet, cold & windy.  I thought Spring has arrived already, but unfortunately lovely Melbourne is living up to its reputation and have been giving us crappy weather for the whole week. Today has also been one of those days where you sit at work,  planning your dinner at 4:30pm and waiting for the clock on the computer screen to tick over to  5:00pm (Home time!).  So during my non-productive day at work, I have decided to make this creamy pasta dish because I felt like coming home to a warm and hearty dinner.
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Steamed Pork Spare Ribs with Garlic, Chilli & Blackbean Sauce


This dish is one of my family favorites and it’s one of the few original recipes I learnt from my mum. Just to put you into perspective, I did not attempt cooking until I moved out of home and I still don’t really cook when my parents are around. Therefore I think it is very fitting that this dish is my first recipe post. My mum used to cook this for my brother and I when we were living at home and we would loved spooning the sauce over our rice and would have more than one bowl of rice each! I even managed to convert Mr Syu from not liking black bean sauce dishes to loving this dish.

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